Why didn’t you apply for the interim District Attorney appointment?

This was an easy decision for me for two reasons:

First, I am an attorney before I am a politician. At the time of the appointment process I had multiple serious cases with the District Attorney’s Office. Because of the well documented culture of political retaliation inside the District Attorney’s Office, I was worried that by seeking the appointment or announcing my candidacy, I would do a disservice to my clients by inviting retaliation from the leadership of the DA’s Office.

Secondly, I think that the applicants should have been asked to pledge not to run for the seat in 2018. The appointment process, without that pledge, is an affront to democracy and an attempt to hijack our election process by tapping a chosen successor. That’s more of a banana republic style of governing, and I truly believe in democracy and giving the voters a real choice. Therefore, I could not apply for the appointment while planning to run and still look myself in the eye. Integrity matters to me.