What is your position on Prop 47?

Prop 47 is the law and it makes sense. Simple possession of drugs and other low-level, non-violent offenses should never be a felony. Felony convictions get in the way of job and housing opportunities, and the taxpayer money spent on incarcerating low level offenders is wasted. Prop 47 has so far saved over $100 million dollars that is going toward preventative programs statewide rather than being thrown down the drain of the prison system.

Career prosecutors, including the current fill-in at the San Diego County DA’s Office, don’t get it. The fact is, most people in our jails and prisons are coming home at some point. That’s not up for debate. We need a District Attorney with the experience, vision, and leadership skills to keep those people from escalating their crimes and reoffending. We cannot incarcerate our way out of crime. Prop 47 gets it right: we must reduce incarceration and reallocate the resources spent on our prisons to our schools, treatment, and victim services.