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There is hope on the horizon for the citizens of San Diego who are concerned that Stephan will follow in Dumanis’ footsteps in regards to prosecuting cannabis offenses. Geneviéve Jones-Wright, a native San Diegan and Deputy Public Defender for the County of San Diego since 2006, has announced her intention to run for District Attorney. Jones-Wright shared her support for cannabis businesses in San Diego with CULTURE. “I believe that San Diego has a unique opportunity to increase tourism, job opportunities and revenue by becoming cannabis-friendly,” Jones-Wright said. “Cannabis tourism is a real and lucrative industry, and San Diego should take part in it. It is also important to me that we save law enforcement resources and taxpayer money by not wasting time and energy raiding and prosecuting legally operating cannabis businesses.” Continue reading

Times of San Diego- San Diego Democratic Party Endorses Sheriff, DA, Assessor Candidates

The next primary election is a year away, but the San Diego County Democratic Party is already beginning to release endorsements. Endorsements made Tuesday were Matt Strabone for Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk, Genevieve Jones-Wright for District Attorney, and Dave Myers for Sheriff. Continue reading

Petition: Crime Victims Deserve Justice

Let your voice be heard! Every opinion matters.  Continue reading


Geneviéve Jones-Wright has served as deputy public defender in San Diego for more than a decade.  Now Wright, a Democrat, has announced plans to run for District Attorney against Summer Stephan, who was recently appointed by Supervisors to fill the vacancy left by Bonnie Dumanis’ retirement. “For far too long, we San Diegans have been at the whim of prosecutors who care more about headlines and political points than seeking justice,” Jones-Wright said at a press conference last week announcing her candidacy.  Continue reading

KPBS Evening Edition- Thursday, July 6, 2017

The segment on Geneviéve starts at 5:37.  Continue reading

KPBS- Public Defender Announces Run For San Diego County District Attorney

Geneviéve is interviewed on Midday Edition regarding her candidacy. Audio is included in the story.  Continue reading

Times of San Diego- Longtime Public Defender Announces Bid for San Diego District Attorney

Promising a “smart,” not just “tough,” approach to crime, Deputy Public Defender Geneviéve Jones-Wright Wednesday announced her candidacy for San Diego County district attorney. Continue reading

Voice of San Diego- Morning Report: The DA Hopeful With an SDPD Encounter to Remember

Last year, a police car followed deputy public defender Geneviéve Jones-Wright on her way home to southeastern San Diego. She captured the unfolding events on video. Continue reading

Voice of San Diego- Meet the Public Defender Who Wants to Be San Diego’s Top Prosecutor

Public defender Geneviéve Jones-Wright, in her career history and perspective, would change direction from the law-and-order, tough-on-crime mindset that has dominated district attorney races not just in San Diego, but around the country.   Continue reading

Geneviéve Announces Candidacy for San Diego County District Attorney

Today, Geneviéve announced her campaign for San Diego County District Attorney. Continue reading