California Western Juris Doctor- Bailing On Money Bail

Jones-Wright is a candidate for San Diego District Attorney. She says the current state of money-driven pretrial release is a far cry from what was originally intended. “It is now archaic and just plain discriminatory,” she says. “I am a fan of New Jersey's reform model because it focuses on the right things: Will you re-offend? How likely are you to come back to court? Are you a danger to community? These are the factors that must be taken into account when considering pretrial detention.” Continue reading

American Prospect- New Reformer DAs

Geneviéve Jones-Wright, a deputy public defender in San Diego County, has already launched a campaign challenging the Republican district attorney. “For far too long, we San Diegans have been at the whim of prosecutors who care more about headlines and political points than seeking justice—this ends now, San Diego,” Jones-Wright declared when she launched her campaign. Continue reading

Millennial Politics Podcast- Radical Criminal Justice Reform with Geneviéve Jones-Wright

In the face of Attorney General Jeff Sessions reshaping the Department of Justice into a draconian “tough-on-crime” war machine, District Attorney elections are of the utmost importance. And while one might assume that blue districts all have progressive District Attorneys, the reality is far grimmer. Though Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in San Diego County by a whopping 17 points, California District Attorneys have opposed almost all criminal justice reform efforts, even when they are overwhelmingly supported by the people. That’s what makes Geneviéve Jones-Wright’s candidacy so important. Continue reading

Awesomely Luvvie- A List of 100+ Black Women Running for Office in 2018

Geneviéve is listed among leaders like Rep. Maxine Waters and Sen. Kamala Harris, along with dozens of other Black women fighting to make change in their communities. Continue reading

Daily Kos- Progressive Geneviéve Jones-Wright Seeks to Become District Attorney in San Diego

San Diego progressives have several golden opportunities to challenge the stodgy, Republican status quo in county government in 2018, starting with the emergence of a charismatic progressive seeking the office of District Attorney. Continue reading

The Nation- Prosecutors Keep Their Jobs by Putting People in Jail. Can They Be Leaders in the Fight for Criminal-Justice Reform?

A new wave of “progressive” prosecutors has made big promises. But is it possible for them to bring change when they are so reliant on law enforcement to do their jobs? Continue reading

San Diego Free Press- Let’s Talk About The Real Winners of the 2017 Elections

A contest for District Attorney in Philadelphia has implications for San Diego’s primary election in June. Philadelphia Magazine’s website reports that “completely unelectable Progressive” Larry Krasner beat his law and order, police union-supported, Republican opponent by more than 40 points.   Continue reading

The Boeskool- Geneviéve Jones-Wright: A Profile In Christian Compassion, Justice, and Sanity

But I promise you there are many people out there who are running for office out of a deep desire to “follow” — to be like — Jesus… And to “be the change” they want to see in the world. So I am doing something that I don’t normally do: I am profiling one of those people. Her name is Geneviéve Jones-Wright, and she is running for District Attorney in San Diego County. Continue reading

NBC 7 San Diego- City Council to Consider New Rules for Pot Production

Candidate for District Attorney Genevieve Jones-Wright said the council has a chance to regulate and not criminalize the businesses. "They actually want to be under the purview of the law, and do what's right under the law. They don't want to operate in the black market," Jones-Wright said. Continue reading

San Diego Free Press- San Diego’s 2018 District Attorney Election: The Issue is Justice for ALL

One San Diego electoral contest in 2018 has national implications and doesn’t involve petulant Republican Congressmen hoping to avoid the Trump taint at the ballot box– County District Attorney. Even as California voters have repeatedly favored criminal justice reforms at the ballot box in recent years, the state’s bloc of DAs has obstructed, obfuscated, and delayed those reforms. Continue reading