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Every person in San Diego County deserves to feel safe in their home, workplace, school, house of worship, community gathering, and public spaces. Child and elder abuse, domestic violence, murder, rape, and hate crimes are all on the rise in the region. The status quo is not working.

Jones-Wright will make San Diego County families safer by:

Breaking the cycle of crime

We need a District Attorney who will work collaboratively and innovatively across the public safety group and with communities to intervene early and prevent criminals from hurting our families. We need to prioritize violent and non-violent crimes differently and in a meaningful way to get violent criminals out of our communities and prevent non-violent criminals from escalating their offenses. We need to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline to keep kids who make mistakes from becoming hardened criminals with no opportunities.


Bringing justice to ALL victims

Treating victims with dignity is something that the criminal justice system severely lacks. We need a District Attorney who understands trauma-informed prosecution and who will prioritize increased victim services. We need to test every rape kit. We need to support every survivor. Every wrongdoer should be held responsible, regardless of their status in the community. And above all, we need to work harder to make sure we are prosecuting the right person. Victims are not served unless justice is served.


Bridge to accountability

No one is above the law. We all know that government officials and law enforcement officers are not always held to the same standards as members of the public. We need a District Attorney who will work to train all law enforcement and prosecutors on racial, gender, orientation, religious, and class biases and ensure that all deputies understand the ethical and constitutional obligations to both the victims and the accused. We need to end the use of private prisons and work to fight mass incarceration, which is as expensive and wasteful as it is cruel and unusual. We need to ensure that politicians and government agencies are held accountable when they violate the public trust. We need to increase transparency within the District Attorney’s Office, including a consistent standard for releasing body camera footage.